My work is at times paradoxical, utilising maximalist/minimalist aesthetics. I find various objects and defamiliarize their original state and in some cases reference abstract cubism and pop art. The focus and my usages of colour functionality in a fractured confinement, more recently boxed assemblages creating abstract pictorial dialogues.

My investigations of found colour and abstract signs explores the effects of light and atmosphere on colour. There is a productive tension in the works sitting between abstraction suggesting formalism and a more sign-like abstraction that is found in this world which provides the means to defamiliarize objects (or the conventional supports).

It becomes necessary to source alternative art materials and install work in non-traditional settings, bright colours of electrical tape in Andalucía reflect a bold crispness, or the south-east English coast where shorelines and changing sky tones affect the brilliance and depth of colour.

I question my surroundings and by doing so discover new ways of creating and exploring how visual signs and symbols produce meaning.


Currently studying MA fine art UCA Canterbury