My work is concerned with the re-evaluation and investigations of breaking down of materials and rethinking them as objects and reconstruct them developing newer meanings.

Links to Arte Povera point to a necessity of the gathering and treatment of non-traditional materials. What lies within a domestic setting can be transformed as viable artists materials, using this approach of work also relating to colour, Defamiliarisation of common place objects, utilising colour functionality as a vehicle for taking physical objects into an optical and maximalist realm. These bright colours suggest emblems and flags of journeys in the Andalusian Hills and the maritime communication ensigns, the latter connecting to the Futurist’s Dazzle ships.

Camouflage seeking ambiguity. The use of the words ‘visible camouflage’ is of course paradoxical, a concealment and abstraction on display, magnifications of a minimalist space so concealment is almost impossible and the disguise of what is in plain sight. Jagged linear colours travel on surfaces, acting in a dividing way to demonstrate to the viewer what is there but what is not immediately seen. 

Contradictions always occur, art's paradox is that it reveals and conceals at the same time, visible camouflage is another strand to this way of thinking and seeing into this reflection of ourselves.

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